6 Smart Car Accessories To Restore Your Car’s Shiny Looks

Different auto accessories to restore shiny looks of a car. Car mechanic working to restore shiny looks of a car.

Everyone loves to drive a brand new car on road. But, if a brand new car start losing its shine & value with time. Don’t worry. Today, we have several smart & affordable car accessories to restore shiny looks of your vehicle.

It is also a good way to boost valuations of your automobile to much higher levels. You just need to select & install the right auto accessory that is suitable for your vehicle. Here are 6 smart auto accessories to make your automobile looking like new:

(1) 3M Headlight Lens Restoration Kit: Purchase Price $16

It is one of highly useful car accessories to restore shiny looks of your automobile. It is needed to remove scratches from your vehicle. It also helps to restore the performance of cloudy & dull looking lenses of the headlight.

This 3M headlight lens restoration kit features 3M abrasive technology & a polishing compound to restore clarity of lenses.

You just need to sand the hazed surface in a two-stage wet sanding process until smooth surface is obtained & dull layer is removed then polish with 3M plastic polish & buff with a buffing pad up to the desired level of clarity.

Finally, the use of 3M automatic masking tape will protect the working area.

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(2) Car Wash & Shine Solution: Purchase Price $25

It is one of the highly useful & affordable car accessories to restore shiny looks of your vehicle. It is a great product to wash your automobile to get a clean & shiny look without any need to rinse it.

This environment friendly auto accessory can actually save a large amount of water & soap needed to clean a car. It is a cheap, completely safe & an effective product to clean interior & exterior surface for your vehicle.

However, if your vehicle is having heavy dirt accumulations due to any reasons like absence of regular washing, strong sandy winds, and parking near high traffic area, etc. then you should better to go for pressure washer or a free flowing source of water before using car wash & shine solution.

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