6 Smart Car Accessories To Restore Your Car’s Shiny Looks

Different auto accessories to restore shiny looks of a car. Car mechanic working to restore shiny looks of a car.

They are available in wide range of fragrances like lemon, aqua, orange, apple, vanilla & many more. You just need to hide the container of car air fresheners under your vehicle seat & don’t forget to change or replace it with a new one from time-to-time.

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(6) Auto Water Spray Gun: Purchase Price $11

It is one of the low cost auto accessories to restore shiny looks of your vehicle. It helps to clean even the stubborn stains on your vehicle. It is a great device with high pressure nozzle that can easily be attached to any hose for automobile washing service.

This automobile washing accessory doesn’t require any form of electricity to run & can provide constant water in form of fine spray to even jet spray. This multi-purpose water spray gun is available with flow control & instant on/off mechanism.

You can easily save enough amounts of dollars spent on automobile washing service.

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