20 Basic Rules For Safe And Secure Off-Road Driving

Basic Rules For Safe And Secure Off-Road Driving. Audi Q3 model been driven by an experienced driver on off-road track.

Off-road driving can open-up new ways to adventurous spots. These basic rules for safe and secure off-road driving can help you a lot.

Off-road driving is a term that is used for driving a vehicle on un-surfaced roads or tracks. These types of tracks are usually made of materials such as sand & gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow rocks & even other natural terrain.

Off-road driving is not a scary thing. It is as simple as driving on a flat & well-maintained road. Although, it could be little challenging task for newcomers but if you pick the right vehicle that is designed specifically for off-road driving then your journey is likely to be safe & smooth.

Some of the best vehicles for off-road driving include ATVs, heavy-duty pickup trucks, SUV, Crossover, snowmobiles, motorcycles or mountain bicycles. Here are 20 basic rules or guidelines for safe, secure & adventurous off-road driving:

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(1) Take Time To Observe Your Surroundings & Work Out Your Entry Points

It is one of the most common rules for safe and secure off-road driving. Every trail is not the same in terms of providing obstacles during journey. Some trails can provide more obstacles while others can provide less.

You should always invest a little amount of time to observe your surroundings. It will help you to find out the best entry points with least obstacles for beginning your journey.

Similarly, if you are planning to cross a stream/pond successfully then make sure to step out & gauge the depth of the stream/pond with a stick.

It is necessary to prevent the engine from flooding particularly when the stream is too deep. Thus, a prior examination can save enough time of your journey by minimizing different obstacles.

Image Source: Audi Q3

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