10 Dirty Tricks Car Salesmen Never Want You To Know

Car salesmen dirty tricks. Car salesman standing in a welcoming mood in an automobile showroom.

Buying new automobile is not an easy task even when you have best available options to buy it. You have to face new car salesmen dirty tricks or strategies wisely before closing a perfect deal.

We know that you need to spend a lot of your valuable time in finding the best & most suitable car for you & your family needs. It often involves months of research & planning before you come to a final decision.

According to Dealer Refresh, about 48% of car buyers spend around 1 to 3 months shopping before making a purchasing decision & 83% of car buyers conduct online research before buying a car.

It can be a frustrating process for the potential buyers. Consumers are found to report that one of the top frustrations of buying a car is to deal with car salesmen.

These salesmen are smart enough to smell the anxiety & innocence of car lovers. They will try their best efforts to convince you to spend impulsively on various products & services. It can quickly raise your preplanned budget to significant levels. Here are 10 dirty tricks auto salesmen never want you to know:

(1) Preying on Consumers with Lack of Information

It is one of the favorite new car salesmen dirty tricks or strategies to fool innocent customers. Automobile salesmen are smart people that love to deal with innocent & clueless auto shoppers. They can easily & quickly identify anxious & innocent auto lovers.

If you lack sufficient amount of information about a particular make & model of an automobile then you will be unable to negotiate perfectly for getting a fair price deal.

In such a situation, most of the new auto salesmen start lying about small things like non-availability of a particular color, price is good for limited period, someone else is also interested in the same model, better to decide quickly, and many more.

Solutions: You just need to have patience & take sufficient time for making a wise decision during car shopping without rushing into anything, especially on the basis of facts provided by salesmen.

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