11 Best Reasons To Buy Mahindra KUV100 In India

Reasons To Buy Mahindra KUV100 In India. Fiery orange colored Mahindra KUV100 In India.

Mahindra KUV100 is a newly introduced utility vehicle in Indian market. These reasons to buy Mahindra KUV100 in India are unbeatable.

Mahindra KUV100 is a compact-Mini sport utility vehicle (SUV) designed & manufacturer by Mahindra & Mahindra, an Indian auto manufacturer. In this model, ‘KUV’ stands for ‘Kool Utility Vehicle’.

Mahindra KUV100 is usually pronounced as KUV one double O. It is the cheapest mini-SUV model that is priced under Rs 5 lakh. This exciting model was originally launched in Jan 2016.

According to a post published in My Car Helpline, Mahindra has sold in close to 40000 KUV100 model in 2016. Recently, Mahindra is also planning to come out with New KUV100 with ECU Updates, Enhancements & all New CNG Fuel Option.

This model is likely to remain in high demand & popularity among Indian consumer. Here are 11 great reasons to buy & drive Mahindra KUV100 on Indian roads:

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(1) Eye Catching Visual Impact

It is one of the most wonderful reasons to buy Mahindra KUV100 in India. The KUV100 is basically designed on the footprints of Mahindra XUV500 which in turn is a highly successful SUV of Mahindra group.

The exterior design of Mahindra XUV500 is inspired by fastest land animal, the cheetah (Tiger). Younger generation who are willing to buy big vehicle looks at cost-effective price can go for this model.

This eye-catching mini-SUV model is known for its iconic exterior & interior design. This uniquely designed model can get the attention of almost anyone passing around.

Additionally, KUV100 model is also available in seven different color variants such as Flamboyant Red, Aquamarine, Fiery Orange, Pearl White, Dazzling Silver, Designer Grey, and Midnight Black.

Thus, potential car buyers can select Mahindra KUV100 to grab the attention of almost anybody.

Image Source: MahindraKUV100

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