11 Wonderful Reasons To Buy & Drive A Sport Utility Vehicle

Reasons to buy & drive SUV. A brand new Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) running on road.

(2) Car-Based SUV vs. Truck-Based SUV

It is another great factors or reasons to buy & drive sport utility vehicle. Car-based SUVs, also known as Crossover SUVs or Crossover Utility Vehicles, are sports utility vehicles with attributes similar to a luxurious four-wheeler such as sharper handling, more comfortable, quiet fuel efficiency, and more interior space.

Truck-based SUVs, also known as Conventional SUVs or Conventional Utility Vehicles, are sports utility vehicles with attributes similar to a truck such as sturdier & heavy body, impressive off-road mobility, as well as high towing capacity.

However, they provide bumpy rise and less fuel efficiency. You should not forget to compare pros & cons of both models when selecting the right XUV for your needs.

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(3) SUV Price

It is one of the cost-effective factors or reasons to buy & drive SUV. The cost of SUVs varies greatly depending on its size and availability of amenities. Generally, compact sports utility vehicles are cheapest XUVs with price of base models starting at less than $20,000.

Mid-size XUVs price starts around $25,000 and full-size XUVs price starts around $40,000. Luxury XUVs are always costlier than non-luxury XUVs.

You should not forget to compare XUV price for different models to pay for only the required features.

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