10 Jobs Men Can’t Perform Better Than Women

jobs men can't perform better than women. Professional women standing & feeling confident with their colleagues.

Men & women are competiting in various sectors of industry. But, still there are some jobs men can’t perform better than women.

Women are not as aggressive, as tough, or as strong as most men. But, they do have some natural ability to care, love, feel as well as to think straight in stressful situations. This is sufficient enough to stand them out of the crowd.

Most of the new generation jobs are providing equal growth opportunities to both men & women around the world. Women are constantly working to exceed the expectations of an employer even in some male-dominated fields.

But, there are some female-dominated jobs or professions that are still unbeatable by men. Here are 10 jobs men can’t perform better than women:

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(1) Secretary

It is one of the most female-dominate jobs men can’t perform better than women worldwide. Secretary is also known as personal assistant or administrative assistant. Secretary is a person that has several administrative duties.

Some of job duties of a secretary include timely correspondence, maintaining files or documents, managing budgets, doing bookkeeping, attending telephone calls, handling visitors, maintaining websites, making travel arrangements, arranging a high-level conference, preparing meeting documents and many more.

These tasks are perfectly done by a women secretary. It is perhaps due to women’s effective communication & listening abilities to perform a given task in the best possible way.

Therefore, around 90% of the all secretaries in companies are women rather than men.

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