10 Jobs Where You Are Likely To Hook Up With Co-Workers

Jobs Where You Are Likely To Hook Up With Co-Workers Beautiful woman looking at her co-worker.

An office or workplace is a physical location or room where some administrative work is carried out by a team of professionals or co-workers. Members of an organization often spend long hours at the office in which they usually interact with huge number of co-workers with varied nature & interest.

Sometimes, you can even get attracted towards a co-worker even when you are married. This is perhaps due to similar nature & interest, physical beauty, similar educational background, similar job duties, and many more.

According to a recent survey conducted by a popular career website, more than one in 10 employees actually having sex with a co-worker while at the office.

There are certain jobs that provide more opportunities for dating or love making with coworkers. Here are 10 jobs where you are most likely to hook up with co-workers:

(1) Artists: Hook Up Rate 8.3%

It is one of the topmost professions or jobs where you are likely to hook up with co-workers. An artist is a person who is engaged in creating art, practicing arts and/or demonstrating an art.

This profession is known to have highest hook up rates worldwide. Some of the popular areas where artists prefer to work include drawing, painting, acting, dancing, film making, writing, photography, singing, sculpture making and many more.

These professionals often work in an environment that is open enough to get hook up during leisure hours. They often work for long hours in unusual day & night shifts quite far away from their own families. Thus, they start looking for attractive co-workers to initiate a new relationship anytime.

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