10 Jobs Women Can’t Perform Better Than Men

jobs women can't perform better than men. Men & women with their favorite sports items

Every job is not considered suitable for every individual. There are some jobs women can’t perform better than men due to male-dominated nature of job.

Previously, only men were found to dominate the job industry. On the other hand, women were confined to home to cook food for the family as well as to take care of small kids.

However, with the advancement of society & economy, more & more women started competing men in almost every sector. Women have even exceeded the expectations of employers. It is perhaps true in wide range of sectors due to their hard, continuous & dedicated efforts.

But, some male-dominated jobs or professions are still unbeatable by women. It is perhaps due to various reasons like gender difference, social expectations, physical nature of work and many more. Here are 10 jobs women can’t perform better than men:

(1) Bus Driver

It is one of the most common jobs women can’t perform better than men. Bus driver is also known as bus operator or omnibus driver. He is the person that has acquired enough driving skills needed to drive a commercial vehicle in high traffic area.

It is highly male-dominated career option in the world where presence of women is almost negligible.

According to an estimate of auto industry, only 10-15% of motor coach drivers are women.

Generally, a bus driver must have a commercial driving license & specialized vocational training. It is needed to qualify to drive a bus on road.

Women are one of the biggest untapped demographic groups for driving commercial vehicles. Although, women are also safe drivers than their male counterparts.

But, traditionally this profession is held by men since long time. It is due to presence of certain confidence in men which in turn is needed to safely drive a bus to its destination.

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