10 Most Simple Part-Time Jobs To Make Money Online

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A part-time job is a form of temporary employment opportunity that requires fewer hours per week (1 to 30 hours per week) as compared to a full-time job (more than 35 hours per week). These temporary jobs are often available in shifts either online or offline.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 27 million people in US were found to be working as part-time employee in January 2015.

Some of the reasons for part-time jobs include desire to work in free or leisure hours, due to cut of working hours by an employer & being unable to get recruited for a full-time job.

People often prefer to work as a part-time employee to earn money quickly depending on several reasons. Here are 10 most simple part-time jobs to make money online:

(1) Online Micro Jobs

It is one of the best part-time jobs to make money online. Micro jobs are typically small jobs or tasks. They can be completed within few seconds or minutes of initiating the work. These simple tasks are a great way to make quick money online for valuable part-time efforts of college students.

Some of the simplest micro jobs include filling up sign up forms, blog commenting, writing a small article, forum participation, rating online videos, following someone on twitter & reviewing a product or service.

Your earning will largely depend on the length & complexity of the task provided. Some of the legitimate sites for micro jobs are microworkers.com, amazon mechanical turk (MTurk), and many more.

You just need to get registered with some popular & legitimate micro job sites to start getting micro contracts to earn real cash online.

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