10 Professions Where You Are Most Likely To Get Divorced

Professions Where You Are Most Likely To Get Divorced Couple facing their back towards each other.

Divorce is one of the worst experiences in an individual’s life. But, there are some professions where you are most likely to get divorced.

It is likely to happen after you get serious conflicts with your partner. Divorce can happen in any part of life of an individual.

Some of the popular reasons for divorce include getting in for wrong reasons, lack of individual identity, lack of intimacy, lack of finances, different priorities & interest, inability to resolve conflicts and even temptation to be unfaithful with coworkers.

According to the American Psychological Association, about 40 to 50 % of married couples in United States get divorced.

Some professions are found to have one of the highest rates of divorce in America. Although, there are numerous thriving marriages in the same professions too. Here are 10 professions with highest divorce rates:

(1) Dancers & Choreographers: Divorce Rate 43.05%

It is one of the top most professions where you are most likely to get divorced. This profession has highest career divorce rate in the world.

Dancers & choreographers can entertain a large number of visitors. It usually done through a high level of team work, time, deep emotions, and physical contacts that must appear very much real in front of visitors.

These physical contacts achieved during a dance performance often results in developing a feeling of love for their co-dancers. It is true even when one of them is married.

The moves in a single performance are repeated over and over again. This can ultimately bring both dancers together to break an existing marriage.

Sometimes, a performer is professional enough to separate such issues from their married life. But, their spouses may be willing to break off their marriage due to serious trust issues.

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