10 Professions Where You Are Most Likely To Get Divorced

Professions Where You Are Most Likely To Get Divorced Couple facing their back towards each other.

(6) Psychiatrist/Psychologist: Divorce Rate 28.98%

It is one of the highly reputed professions with highest divorce rate worldwide. Psychiatrist & psychologist are professionals that are specialized in diagnosing the other people’s mental & emotional problems.

But, they often find it difficult to see issues in their own relationships. These professionals often treat their own spouses like their patients with some psychological problem.

They often try to manipulate their spouse on the basis of their professional training to treat such persons. This can be an alarming situation for their own relationship. It ultimately leads to divorce in extreme situations.

(7) Nurse/Caregiver: Divorce Rate 28.9%

It is one of the great professions where you are most likely to get divorced. This profession is found to be associated with lack of quality time.

Nurses & caregivers or caretakers are professionals that are involved in helping physically impaired, or diseased, or ill persons. They help patients to perform their daily activities either at home or hospital.

These professions often have long working hours, stressful situations & shift patterns that are sufficient to deteriorate any marriage.

Furthermore, these professionals may also need to provide some form of overstretched care to their patients. It can finally lead to tearing down a marriage quickly.

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