10 Professions Where You Are Most Likely To Get Divorced

Professions Where You Are Most Likely To Get Divorced.rce Husband facing his back towards spouse

(8) Musician/Athlete/Actor: Divorce Rate 28.49%

It is one of the highly controversial professions with highest divorce rates. These are often found to have personal, business & even relationship controversies all the time.

Most of the celebrities whether they belong to music industry, sports industry, movie industry often have a huge base of fans that are ready to do anything just to meet them.

All those attention & adoration from fan’s circle can often result in a situation in which they start ignoring their own spouses.

Furthermore, these professions often require a lot of time, commitment & dedicated efforts. This can result in frequent conflicts with their partners for ignoring them for a long time.

These professionals are also among those who receive relationship offers from some of the very attractive people. These frequent offers can be a big reason for causing separation & even divorce.

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(9) Waitress/Waiter: Divorce Rate 27.12%

It is one of the least respected professions where you are most likely to get divorced. Waitress & waiters are professionals in serving food & other stuffs at the table. They usually perform their duties in a restaurant or hotel.

They often have to typically deal with a customer everyday. They have to show enough respect, smiles & make them feel important for the restaurant. But, this behavior also opens up a number of possibilities.

These professions are not providing enough salary to the workers for their long & bad working hours. Many times, they have to tolerate even the rude & ignorant customers on day-to-day basis.

These stressful & pressured situations often make it quite difficult for them to concentrate on their own relationship with the spouse. Thus, it finally results in marital dissolution.

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