20 Critical Factors To Determine Selection Of Right College

Critical Factors To Determine Selection Of Right College. College girls standing in the campus.

(14) Safety & Security Services In College Campus

It is one of the most important factors to determine selection of right college or university. It is always better to be safe & secure rather than sorry later on.

Most of the colleges are meant to provide education to students. But, safety can’t be ignored even in college campus. It is due to the increasing rate of crime everywhere including college campuses.

Every college by law has to publish a crime statistics report every year. This crime statistic report is usually consisting of burglaries, thefts, robberies, rapes, liquor violations, murders, weapons possessions on campus & drug abuse violations.

Potential students should always have a look over this report. It will help you to ensure safety & security while studying in the college.

Most of the colleges have arrangements for campus police & security guards along with security systems in place to keep intruders out of the college at night.

Thus, you should always look for a college that makes you comfortable while at college.

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(15) Job Placement Rates

It is one of the most unbeatable factors to determine selection of right college or university. Job placement rate is the percentage of students in a particular field that are successful in getting a job offer after graduation.

This hard fact can be a good means to evaluate a potential college or university. Several colleges tend to publish data about the percentage of students who received a job offer within 6 months of graduation.

You can easily & quickly find college scorecard published by the US Department of Education. It provides valuable information on average earnings for students after enrolling in certain colleges.

You just need to fill the required basic entries to compare the colleges. The job placement rate can be extremely important in selecting the best college. It is especially true for those who need to pay off student loans after graduation.

Additionally, some colleges will provide more assistance to those who are seeking employment than others. Therefore, job placement rate will make sure that your tuition dollars are spent at the right place.

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