11 Great Perks Of Best Travel Reward Credit Cards

Great perks of best travel reward credit cards. Beautiful couple feeling happy to avail travel rewards from credit cards.

(5) Annual Fees

It is one of the very important benefits or perks of travel reward credit cards. No card holder prefers to pay any amount of annual fees for his/her Visa/MasterCard credit cards. Generally, the annual fees associated with branded travel cards falls in the range of $50-$95 per year.

Barclaycard Arrival™ World MasterCard® is one such reward card that does not have annual fees. Although, fee-based cards may offer you better reward points.

This may result in quick accumulation of travel rewards as well as better access to services & special offers. But, if you are not a frequent traveler it is of no use.

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(6) Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

It is another highly desirable benefits or perks of best travel reward credit cards. The high APR of your reward card can adversely affect the true benefits of your card. Generally, APRs of typical card vary from 11% to 20% annually.

If you are paying off your card debts in the same month then APR is not significant for you. But, if you are not paying off your card debts every month & instead carrying the balance for next month then probably high interest charged on your reward card may neglect the benefits of point accumulation.

(7) Foreign Currency Conversion

It is another big advantages or perks of best travel reward credit cards. Most of the reward cards are charging around 3% of foreign transaction fees from cardholders for purchases made overseas. You should prefer those Visa/MasterCard cards which do not charges foreign currency conversion charge.

Some examples of cards with no foreign fees include Capital One No Hassle Card & American Express Platinum Card.

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