Top 16 Dirty Secrets To Know When Using Credit Cards

Credit card dirty secrets. Mysterious person holding a credit card.

These card providers usually make an agreement with charitable organizations to use its name on card. They don’t shy to use it as a feel-good marketing technique to lure innocent customers.

You should look for direct donation option to donate charitable organization rather than donating through them.

(13) Wrong Entry Secrets

It is another trickiest credit card dirty secrets about wrong entries. There are several types of financial terms associated with credit cards. Sometimes, credit card providers use different terms to charge a good amount of cash from you.

Card holders must carefully keep a track of all types of financial statements received against your credit card transactions. It will help you to prevent any wrong entries or extra charges deduction from your accounts.

However, such wrong debts or wrong penalties can be removed within minutes of contacting them. You should never delay or hesitate in contacting your card provider on detecting wrong entries.

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(14) Foreign Transaction Fees Secret

It is another highly frustrating credit card dirty secrets about foreign transactions. Sometimes, you have to purchase something outside of United States, or have to take foreign currency cash withdrawal from your credit card.

You will be charged with foreign transaction fees of 1% to 3% of transaction amount. This is over & above 1% currency exchange fee. You should make foreign transactions only when needed.

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