11 Great Health Insurance Tips For College Students

Great health insurance tips for college students Group of college students sitting together.

(10) Your Parent’s Plan Should Cover College Sports-Related Injuries

It is one of the great health insurance tips for college students. Sports-related injuries are quite common in a college life. It is especially true if you participate in athletic activities.

According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules, college athletes should always be covered under health insurance but it doesn’t necessarily require your school to cover you.

But, if you are insured under your parent’s plan then don’t forget to clarify whether college sports-related injuries are covered by it or not.

However, you should make sure that you understand the inclusions, exclusions & working of your coverage before you hit the field to play your favorite sports activity.

(11) Consider Alternative To Your Parent’s Plan

It is one of the most significant health insurance tips for college students. Sometimes, your school or college is located very far away or in another state that is not in your parent’s state of residence. In such situation, coverage under a parent’s plan may not be a good idea.

Several health insurance plans tend to provide highest level of coverage only when you use their network of preferred doctors & hospital rather than out-of-network health care services.

These networks are usually not covering the whole state or extended out of a particular state.

Thus, you should not be confined to your parent’s plan only in such circumstances. But, you should start exploring your separate insurance plan. It will help you to meet your coverage needs at an affordable rate of insurance.

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