20 Best Ways To Get Affordable Health Insurance Plans

ways to get affordable health insurance plans. Retired person sitting in the office of health insurance agent.

Demand of getting health insurance has drastically increased in United States. People are often looking for ways to get affordable health insurance plans. It is necessary to prevent health care crisis that can significantly ruin your financial stability.

Today, you can easily choose cheapest health insurance quotes. You just need to perform careful research from wide range of available health care sources.

These sources may or may not be suitable for you depending on your individual need and financial situation. Here’s a list of 20 best ways to get minimum health insurance quotes:

(1) Participate In Employer’s Wellness Initiatives

It is one of the best & most popular ways to get affordable health insurance plans. Employers in US keeps on organizing different wellness programs. These programs may include free health education seminars, 30-day exercise challenges, gym membership compensations, and many more.

According to Affordable Care Act, employers should offer you up to 30% discount in premiums of your health insurance plans for your valuable participation in wellness initiatives.

You can easily participate in such wellness initiatives to take the advantage of cutting the cost of premiums by up to 30%.

However, less than half of all eligible employees found to took part in wellness programs offered by their employers, 16% joined disease management programs and only 10% of all participants joined weight-management programs, states a government study.

(2) Medical Services At Retail Clinics

It is one of the significant ways to get minimum health insurance quotes. Retail clinics are often located in convenient locations. We do visit them for minor health treatments such as fever, cold and cough.

Sometimes, your employer prefers to cover your medical services at cheap retail clinics. It will help you to easily get financial incentives for your treatment at such cheaper healthcare clinics.

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