15 Common Home Insurance Myths About Policy Coverage

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(4) Damages Due To Normal Wear & Tear Are Not Covered

It is one of the most important home insurance myths about policy coverage. Several people are having a common view that homeowner’s policy plans are not meant to cover damages due to normal wear & tear.

Some of the these normal damages include leakage due to overflowing of water tanks, pipes, & automatic sprinkler operations, etc. But, actually it is also covered by a standard policy.

Thus, you should carefully read & understand your policy coverage before signing the best insurance plan for your needs.

(5) Furniture & Electrical Appliances Damaged At Home Is Not Covered Always

It is one of the most common home insurance myths about policy coverage. Several people believe that furniture & electrical appliances that are damaged at home due to any reasons is always excluded from homeowner’s policy coverage.

But, actually your damaged furniture is included under your policy except for furniture damage due to termites. However, you may buy additional coverage for termite damages especially if you are living in a termite susceptible area.

Similarly, breakdown of electrical appliances due to mechanical or electrical reasons are not covered. However, damages arising due to reasons other than mentioned are usually covered.

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