2 Homeowner’s Insurance Myths About In-House Injuries

homeowner's insurance myths about in-house injuries. Boy sitting in home with a fractured hand

In-house injuries can occur anytime. These homeowner’s insurance myths about in-house injuries are really helpful for selecting thr right policy.

Homeowner’s or home insurance is critically essential to protect your home’s structure & personal belongings.

But It can also cover medical expenses of people injured in your premises. Several people develop wrong myths or assumptions about in-house injuries.

These injuries may arise out of untoward incidents but it can cost you tremendously during claim rejection. Here are 2 home insurance myths about in-house injuries:

(1) You & Your Family In-Home Injuries Are Covered

It is one of the most common homeowner’s insurance myths about in-house injuries. Several people believe that medical coverage part of the home insurance policy will cover in-home injuries.

It will pay medical expenses of policy holder & his/her family. But, this misconception is not true.

The liability portion of a standard homeowner’s insurance policy is designed to cover the medical expenses of other people only. Some of those persons include friends, guests, or even neighbors.

These people are covered when they get injured on your personal property & decided to sue you. However, you should look towards your health insurer for seeking medical coverage for you & your own family members.

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