10 Perfect Reasons To Buy, Trade And Invest In Bitcoins

Perfect Reasons To Buy, Trade and Invest In Bitcoins Investors & traders ready to accept Bitcoins worldwide.

(4) Bitcoin Is Most Secure & Fastest Way To Pay Online

It is one of the most unbeatable reasons to accumulate Bitcoins. Every payment system takes some time to complete a given transaction. Some methods can even take few days or even weeks for the process to get completed.

But, Bitcoin deposits or withdrawals are almost instantaneous and are normally confirmed within 30 minutes from anywhere in the world. No matter, where, what or why.

Additionally, Bitcoin protocol provides the most secure way to make online payments. Bitcoin transactions requires no to minimum personal information.

This fact is particularly true when the deposits & withdrawals are handled exclusively in Bitcoins.

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(5) Bitcoin Supply Is Limited To 21 Million Units

It is one of the most unbeatable reasons to accumulate Bitcoins. Most cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin limit the supply of the tokens by a schedule written in code to mine a digital currency. It is usually done to prevent devaluation of money & render it useless.

It means that the monetary supply of a cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin) in every given moment in future can be calculated roughly today. In Bitcoin, the supply tends to decrease with time & is expected to reach its final number somewhere in around year 2140.

On 28, Nov 2017, there are around 16.7 million Bitcoin units in circulation i.e. around 80% of all Bitcoins are already mined. However, 12.5 new Bitcoins are released roughly in every 10 minutes.

It is usually done through a process called “Bitcoin Mining”. The process is slowly approaching a total of 21 million Bitcoins.

However, the mining process is also getting difficult simultaneously with each passing day. Therefore, Bitcoin scarcity could continue to drive the demand along with its price to higher levels.

It is also rumored that central banks may decide to start buying Bitcoins as foreign currency reserves. If it comes true then Bitcoin holders will definitely be in profits.

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