10 Mind Blowing Facts About Women In Stock Markets

Mind Blowing Facts About Women In Stock Markets. Beautiful woman trader with a laptop.

Playing the money game in stock markets is something that excites both sexes. But, these mind blowing facts about women in stock markets can really shock you. Men & women treat their money in stocks is entirely different from one another.

Some of the major differences in terms of investment include way of managing finances, risk taking capacity, trading frequency, portfolio performance, behavior in adverse market conditions & many more.

Today, women are increasing competing men than ever before. They are even outperforming men in several aspects of stock investment. Although, there are still some of the pitfalls in the way of women that needs to be tackled cautiously.

They just need to learn & understand some positive behaviors from one another. It will help both sexes to boost their portfolio returns quickly. Here are 10 mind blowing facts about women in stock markets:

(1) Women Can Reduce Stock Market Crashes

It is one of the mind blowing facts about women in stock markets. According to a 2016 study conducted by the researchers in the Department of Economics at University of Leicester, increasing the proportion of female traders can reduce the occurrence of most extreme crashes.

Generally, the world of stock markets is considered to be male-dominated business. This culture is fueled by testosterone, a male hormone.

Previously, testosterone has been proved to affect decision making process as well as one’s attitude towards risk. People with higher levels of testosterone are more likely to take higher risk. This testosterone level tends to rise with every win in the game of stock markets.

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