10 Ways To Make Money From Stock Market Without Investment

Ways To Make Money From Stock Market Without Investment Professional trader taking money for his valuable service.

(4) Become A Stock Broker Or Sub-Broker

It is one of the great ways to earn cash from share markets with no investment. Stock broker is a professional agent who is a trading member of stock exchanges.

A stock broker’s duty is to execute buy & sell orders for retail & institutional clients. He/she usually charge a fees or commission for his/her service.

On the other hand, sub-broker is a person who is not a trading member of stock exchanges. But, he/she can acts on behalf of a trading member for assisting investors in dealing with securities.

In India, all sub-brokers are required to obtain a Certificate of Registration from SEBI. In both cases, you don’t have to invest your money directly in stock markets.

However, you have to invest your money in stock trading software, office space as well as other mandatory requirements of the stock exchanges of your country.

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(5) Start Providing Stock Investment & Analysis Classes

It is one of the most technical ways to make money from stock market without investment. New & unskilled investors & traders are always eager to learn valuable stock investment strategies.

If you have enough skill & experience about share trading strategies then perhaps you can provide a good solution to them. You can provide paid teaching classes to first-time investors.

Here, your role will be to teach various things about share trading including basic rules of stock investment, profitable trading strategies, stock chart analysis, option trading strategies, & many more.

Once you are popularized for your valuable efforts, you can easily earn good amount of money per session.

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  4. Brilliant article. Businesses should have a clear strategy of how they are going to invest the money in to their business rather than just believing they ‘need’ they money and end up not investing it wisely. Strategy is crucial to both securing the loan and making the loan work for your business.

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