10 Ways To Make Money From Stock Market Without Investment

Ways To Make Money From Stock Market Without Investment. Professional trader taking money for his valuable service.

(6) Become A Professional Member Of Mutual Fund Or Investment Firm

It is one of the most reputed ways to earn cash from share markets with no investment. Mutual funds or investment firms are usually the biggest investors in equities.

They usually hire a team of highly qualified & dedicated professional money managers to track & analyze their portfolio. If you are a well reputed stock trader or investment adviser then you can apply for such positions.

You will be easily get recruited depending on your unique trading skills & proven experience records. Once you are a member of such reputed organization, you can easily earn money without even investing your own money in equities.

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(7) Help Others To Open Demat & Trading A/C

It is one of the skilled ways to make money from stock market without investment. Stock markets are known to attract millions of new investors annually.

But, we also have several stock brokerage firms that are trying their best efforts to build a strong base of investors. You can assist these brokerage firms to achieve their target to build customers.

You can help them by opening Demat & Trading a/c for new investors with them. They will pay you good incentives for your valuable hard work. In this way, you can utilize your personal relations to bring those investors to them & earn money out of it.

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  1. Saurabh suryavanshi // April 16, 2017 at 10:42 PM // Reply

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