11 Critical Factors To Identify And Pick Right IPO Stock

Factors To Identify And Pick Right IPO Stock. Paper plane ready to fly for explaining the concept of Initial Public Offer (IPO).

Like stocks, IPOs do have success & failure stories. These critical factors to identify and pick right IPO stock are really unbeatable. If you are successful in analyzing them smartly then perhaps you are very close to making the right choice.

Your wise decision whether to invest or not to invest in an Initial Public Offer (IPO) can help to make fortune in stock markets. You can even book huge listing gains on the first day to make money quickly.

But, you should always go for the true facts to analyze the past performances of the company. Additionally, you should control your emotions by staying away from unskilled & inexperienced crowd.

You should also be smart enough to avoid being influenced by rumors. Here are 11 significant factors to look before investing in the right IPO stock:

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(1) Red Herring Prospectus

It is one of the most critical factors to identify and pick right IPO stock. Red herring prospectus is the first or preliminary document filed by a company (IPO issuer) with the stock exchanges (like SEC in US, or SEBI in India).

It is usually done in the connection with the company’s initial public offering of securities (either stocks or bonds). This offer document can provide you the financial & other significant information about the company.

Some of the comprehensive details included in this document include firm’s business plan, growth prospects, quality of management, business history, financial statements, project details, percentage of shareholders, pending litigations & disputes, potential liabilities & many more.

These facts can have significant impact on the company’s stock after listing. Once you are well aware of them, you can make better decisions for picking blockbuster IPOs.

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