15 Hidden Tricks To Trade Stocks At Reduced Trading Fees

Hidden Tricks To Trade Stocks At Reduced Trading Fees Woman trader excited to know share trading tricks at reduced brokerage fees.

(14) Pay Zero Brokerage Fees On Both Sides For Intraday Trades Squared Off Within Few Minutes

It is one of the most critical tricks to trade stocks at reduced trading fees. Day trading is a highly risky trading strategy worldwide. It is due to the fact that analyzing stock movements on daily basis is a very difficult task.

However, if you are skilled & experienced enough to track small market movements then trading stocks at no cost will not be a dream for you. Several online stock brokers are offering zero brokerage charge for intraday trades squared off within few minutes of taking fresh positions.

For example, ICICI securities is offering “Bullet Brokerage Plan” where traders have to pay zero brokerage for trades squared off within 5 minutes of taking a fresh position.

This type of brokerage plan can be a great way to earn money from the smallest movements in the stock markets at no cost. You can even exit loss making trades quickly without worrying for brokerage amount.

However you have to pay brokerage if your positions extend beyond 5 minutes. Additionally, your security transaction charges will still be charged as per the stock exchanged regulator (SEBI).

Thus, if you are an intraday trader then it could be a great opportunity to trade stocks at no brokerage cost.

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(15) Pay No Brokerage Charge On One-Side For Trades Squared Off Intraday

It is one of the most common tricks to trade stocks at minimum trading fees. Day trading is a form of short-term trading that is performed within the same day.

Here traders make position depending on the possible direction of stock move & square off their positions before the close of stock market. But, day trading is also a good source of revenue for stock brokers.

Therefore, a number of stock brokers offer zero brokerage schemes on one-side of intraday trades. It is mostly prevalent in cash trading, margin trading & even derivative trading.

Traders can easily benefit for such profitable trades by not carrying forward their position for another day. However, if they carry forward their position for another day then normal brokerage rate is charged from them.

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