15 Proven Tips To Know Best And Right Time To Sell Stocks

Proven Tips To Know Best And Right Time To Sell Stocks. A woman trader holding a watch to reflect the right time to sell a stock.

Everyone knows that buying right stocks at right price is vital in share markets. But, selling stocks at right time is also equally important. You can’t realize profits until you sell your stocks. These proven tips to know best and right time to sell stocks can really help you.

Stock analysts, brokers & investment managers are often interested in providing stock buying tips. They usually ignore advises for selling stocks. You can’t completely rely on them to know when to sell stocks.

According to a post published in Investopedia, buying stocks at right price is vital as it determines the profit gained. But, selling at the right price guarantees the actual profit, if any.

You can’t buy & hold even quality stocks for indefinite amount of time. There are certain occasions when you need to sell even outperforming stocks for various reasons.

You need to develop your own strategies or price targets to sell stocks. Here are 15 proven tips to know best and right time to sell stocks:

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(1) Rapid Price Appreciation

It is one of the most wonderful & proven tips to know best and right time to sell stocks. Stock markets are highly speculative in nature. These speculations can quickly drive the stock price on either side.

It is always possible that upon buying a stock, its stock price may appreciate rapidly in short period of time. You should never consider such quick rise as affirmation that you are smarter than overall market.

However, it will be a wise decision to book profits in such rapidly rising stocks and move on. It will be much better if the stock again declines after some time to give you an opportunity to buy again.

But, if still the stock continues to appreciate after selling then take comfort in old saying “no one goes broke booking a profit”. You should start looking for another good opportunity rather then regretting yourself.

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3 Comments on 15 Proven Tips To Know Best And Right Time To Sell Stocks

  1. I have bought 5 lots of bharti infratel @343 and have rollover for march pls let me know can I see the price again in 3 months.and HW much downfall more is expected?

    • Editing Staff // February 28, 2017 at 8:55 AM // Reply

      You have ignored technical signals as well as stoploss to cut your positions immediately in an adverse situation. Bharti Infratel has recently touched its 52 weeks low after breaking all its support levels. It is trading at critical stage & therefore we don’t think it can again reach to the levels of Rs 343 within a month or two. You are advised to cut your position when a pull back for the levels of around Rs 315 is seen. Please always use stoploss to trade stocks everytime.
      Best Wishes
      GetUpWise Staff

  2. Thanks for the great article! These were some great tips, I especially liked #4. I’ve also written about this topic, and even shared some actionable strategies for what to do if you find yourself in a losing trade.

    Thanks again for the great stock selling tips!

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