15 Ridiculous Share Trading Mistakes In Stock Markets

Ridiculous Share Trading Mistakes In Stock Markets. Stock trader holding head & looking upset after doing share trading mistake.

Share trading is a glamorous & risky job. Smart traders are eager to buy & sell equities to gain profits. However, they often perform ridiculous share trading mistakes in stock markets. These silly mistakes can adversely affect their portfolios.

According to a post published in Forbes, Twitter’s IPO filing sky rocketed over-the-counter shares of bankrupt retail chain, Tweeter Home Entertainment.

This big boost to the shares of Tweeter was due to confusion caused to share traders for similar trading symbol. Tweeter Entertainment shares had been listed under the symbol TWTRQ. Here the Q indicates the company is in bankruptcy.

Later on, Twitter was allotted symbol TWTR. However, Tweeter Entertainment was allotted trading symbol THEGQ. It’s an excellent example about extent up to which stock traders can make silly mistakes.

Therefore, share traders are advised to go for share trading cautiously. Here are 15 ridiculous share trading mistakes in stock markets:

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(1) Trading Too Frequently (Overtrading)

It is one of the most ridiculous share trading mistakes in stock markets. Share trading is a tricky business. You can’t trade stocks depending on minute-to-minute monitoring of media news or chat rooms.

You can’t even trade stocks on the basis of speculations only. It is usually a sure way to get inferior returns. You can’t get valuable stock valuation always to make your positions for trading.

Sometimes, it is wise decision to sit on the sidelines. You should never jump in for share trading at wrong price & at wrong time. You should plan a good trading strategy for a given script.

Once you have a profitable plan, you should make positions only after analyzing fundamental & technical factors. You should never try to perform overtrading just to achieve unrealistic profit targets. Overtrading will do more harm then increasing profits.

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