16 Trading Signals Indicating Bull Run In Multibagger Not Ended Yet

Trading Signals Indicating Bull Run In Multibagger Not Ended Yet. Charging Bull sculpture in NewYork representing bullish trend in stock.

Bull Run initiated in your stock. After some price rise, stock closed in red. You are confused, when to sell your stock. These trading signals indicating Bull Run in multibagger not ended yet.

Stock investment particularly in multibagger stocks can give multiple returns in short time. You need to buy & hold multibagger stocks until highest possible price is reached.

But, a stock never rises uninterrupted or nonstop. It can show various ups & downs during its journey towards final target.

According to a post published in CNBC, market correction is a healthy sign during a bull run.

When everyone is scared, it is perhaps a good thing for a stock. You can be successful in achieving those spectacular gains. However, you need to know about some trading secrets during this phase.

It will help you to avoid exiting your positions too early & repenting later. Here are 16 trading secrets indicating bullish trend in multibagger stock not dead or aging yet:

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(1) Stock Ignoring Short-Term Bearish Trend In Overall Markets

It is one of the most significant trading signals indicating Bull Run in multibagger not ended yet. A multibagger stock starts rising significantly only when large institutions or big investors have entered the script.

These big investors don’t allow anyone to bring down the share price up to certain levels. They try their best efforts to resist price fall due to short-term bearish trend in overall markets.

However, they utilize bearish trend as a great opportunity to accumulate even more shares from weak hands. On the other hand, weak hands who were previously successful in accumulating multibagger stock at cheap stock valuation exit their position with small profits.

More the small investors sell their shares out of fear, more powerful big investors become in a stock. Once short-term bearish trend ends, stock zooms even more higher. This leaves small investors empty handed.

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