16 Tricky Ways To Identify And Pick Multibagger Stocks

Different ways to identify and pick multibagger stocks. Smart investor getting excited for identifying & picking multibagger stock on time.

(16) Stock Price In Relation To Liquidating Value

It is one of the significant ways to identify & pick multi-bagger shares or equities. Stock trading at a price less than their net current assets value (NCAV) is most likely to be increased with time.

Net current assets value is a good means of calculating worth of a company if it would have to be liquidated. Stocks trading below liquidating value or with low NCAV value are considered to be ‘real bargains’.

This is particularly true if company is not in a danger of squandering their assets. When tracking multibagger stocks, you should also look towards dividends and bonus paid by company, FV split, etc.

Investors are advised not to follow any multibagger stock tips or ideas blindly from stock analysts or advisers. However, you should perform your own research to identify such hidden gems.


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  1. It would be great if you guide us how to get all those 16 point information.

  2. Out of 16 tricks, i am able to see only 1 trick, how to read remainin 15 tricks

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    Very Valuable Post on Multibagger picks

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