20 Basic Rules To Invest And Trade In Foreign Stocks

Rules To Invest And Trade In Foreign Stocks. Foreign country representing the concept of investing abroad.

(14) Foreign Stock Markets Operate Differently

It is one of the most surprising rules to invest and trade in foreign stocks. Every country has its own rules & regulation for everyone who is citizen or non-citizen within its boundaries.

We all need to abide by those rules & regulation outside of our own borders. Stock markets are not an exception in this regard.

Stock investors are usually at the mercy of rules, regulation, policies, laws, accounting standards and practices of external markets and different lands.

Your account abroad will be governed by investor protection rules in that country. It will not be governed by rules & regulations of your domestic country.

Thus, potential foreign investors are advised to get familiar with the investors protection rules & regulations of the foreign country.

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(15) International Stock Allocation Depends On Investment Style, Time Period & Risk Tolerance

It is one of the most profitable rules to invest and trade in foreign stocks. Most of the investors recommend investing about a third of the portfolio in foreign stock markets.

However, the exact amount to be invested abroad can vary depending on investment style, time period & risk tolerance. Here’s a look at our foreign stock allocation:

Foreign Stock Allocation (%)





Investment Length: More than 10 years

Amount of Volatility: Significant


Moderately Aggressive

Investment Length: More than 10 years

Amount of Volatility: A good amount



Investment Length: More than 5 years

Amount of Volatility: Modest amount. Expect moderate growth.


Moderately Conservative

Investment Length: 5 years

Amount of Volatility: Limited as you seek stability. Expect modest growth.



Investment Length: 3 years

Amount of Volatility: Not much as stability is on highest priority than growth.


Very Conservative

Investment Length: 1 years

Amount of Volatility: None. Holdings are for very near term as stability is of utmost priority

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