20 Stock Investment Lessons To Learn From Bahubali Movies

Stock Investment Lessons To Learn From Bahubali Movies. Bahubali sitting on the building of BSE to explain the concept of stock investment.

(8) No Hard & Fast Rules For Price Targets In Stock Markets

It is one of the best stock investment rules or tricks to learn from Baahubali movies. In Bahubali part 2 (Bahubali 2: The Conclusion), Sivagami (Rajamatha or queen mother), given commitment to Bhallaladeva about his marriage with Devasena (princess of Kuntala).

She had given unrealistic commitment without knowing that Amarendra Bahubali was in love with Devasena & Devasena may not agree for the marriage.

Lesson for stock investors: Stock investors should never set unrealistic price targets for a given stock or stock index. It is perhaps true because stock markets are highly volatile markets in nature. They can change their direction from day to day or even month to month basis.

For example, you have purchased a stock at $90 & decided to sell a stock at a price target of $100. But, prevailing market conditions are not supporting it. In such a situation, you shouldn’t hesitate to change or lower your price target to a reasonable price.

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(9) Don’t Act Under Rumors Without Seeking Any Clarification

It is one of the most popular stock investment lessons to learn from Bahubali movies. In Bahubali 2: The Conclusion, one of the warriors of Bahubali was fooled by Bijjaladeva (Nassar), the father of Bhallaladeva. The foolish warrior then attacked Bhallaladeva (cruel king).

But, he was caught by the soldiers of Bhallaladeva & was killed. The death of foolish warrior was utilized by Bhallaladeva to create misunderstanding in the eyes of rajamatha that Amarendra Bahubali wants to kills the king.

Therefore, Sivagami (Rajamatha or queen mother) decided foolishly to kill Amarendra Bahubali.

Lesson for stock investors: Stock investors should never make or cut positions by acting under rumors. It is because rumors are been spread by operators & promoters from time-to-time.

It is an old age strategy to make one’s position profitably. Thus, small investors or traders should always wait for rumors to get clarified officially by management.

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