7 Reasons Someone Placing Same Quantity Order In Stocks

Reasons Someone Placing Same Quantity Order In Stocks. Bull & bear enjoying see-saw during market hours.

Traders often try to fool each other even by placing same quantity orders. These reasons someone placing same quantity order in stocks are amazing.

In stock markets, traders & investors of different mindset come together. Therefore, every aspect of share trading should be well understood by small investors. This strategy helps you to control your emotions during trading hours.

It will also help you to boost your profits to higher levels. Several possibilities do exist behind placing exactly the same quantity of shares in an order during market hours.

You need to analyze them wisely & cautiously to take necessary steps on time. Here are 7 things reflected by same quantity order in stocks:

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(1) Playful Activity By Some Traders

It is one of the best & most common reasons someone placing same quantity order in stocks. Every investor or trader is known to have crazy mindset at some or the other time.

This crazy & childish mindset can get triggered anytime. If it becomes active during trading hours then he/she might even start enjoying those serious & risky trading moments.

For example, if someone is placing a limit order of say 900 shares in a script ‘A’ at a price of $25. Now, the trader who want to enjoy trading hours will place a limit order of same quantity i.e. 900 shares at a slightly higher price, say $25.05.

If previous buyer increase his/her price to $25.10 then second buyer will again raise limit price to $25.15. This playful activity continues until their order gets executed or anyone of them steps behind.

You are advised not to take such playful activities seriously. However, you can also enjoy those moments as much as possible but with an attentive mind.

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