10 Women-Friendly Ways To Make Money From Car

Women-Friendly Ways To Make Money From Car. Woman driving Ford Verve concept car to make extra money.

(2) Ride-Sharing Service For Kids & Families

It is one of the most popular & women-friendly ways to make money from car. Most of the kids need special care & attention from their parents. It is perhaps due to their young budding mind that can do crazy things anytime.

In such a scenario, women drivers gain significance in the minds of busy parents. It is perhaps due to the innate ability of women to understand kids more than their male counterparts. They can act like teachers, nurse, nannies & even as parents.

Some of these best services for kids & families include RideZum, RideGuru, HopSkipDrive, PogoRides, Shuddle, ZemCar, & many more.

Women can get registered with such service providers that are working in their area of living to provide valuable services on time.

Drivers are usually selected on the basis of personal background check, driving habits, driving experience, previous child care experience, & many more.

Women can easily earn anywhere from $16 for a single kid & $8 for carpool kids. A 10-mile ride for one child can cost around $24. Thus, women drivers can make up to $2,400 per month simply by driving 5 to 6 hours a day.

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(3) Ride-Sharing Service For Senior Citizens

It is one of the most common & women-friendly ways to make money from car. Senior citizens need to visit to physicians for regular medical checkups from time-to-time.

But, this commuting for medical checkups or treatments can put some burden on the relatives & friends of busy people.

According to a study conducted by American Physical Therapy Association, more than one in five older Americans cannot drive.

It is due to various factors like declining health, poor eyesight, or lack of access to a private auto. Therefore, ride-sharing service for senior citizens can be of extremely helpful.

Some of the best ride-sharing services for senior citizens include LiftHero, SilverRide, Lyft and National Medtrans Network Partnership & many more.

If such services are provided by women then it perhaps provide a familiar ride to them. Women can safely & securely provide their services to elderly individuals without any hesitation.

Women with some healthcare background can better understand typical ailments & emotional needs of their elderly passengers.

You just need to get registered with them to enjoy helping your senior riders. However, you must have first aid certification & pass a background check to provide such services.

Image Source: Ford Verve

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