11 Amazing Money Secrets Couples Hide From Each Other

Money secrets couples hide Beautiful couple hiding financial secrets in laptop.

Honesty & trust is one of the most significant means to strengthen a long-term marriage relationship between couples. Some money secrets are minor in nature but a major money secret can break your relationship apart, if revealed.

But, sometimes couples may try to hide financial secrets from another partner or spouse. It is due to beneficial reasons such as irresponsible spouse, drug addiction, gambling addiction, shopping addictions, and as a means of exit strategy from a dangerous relationships, etc.

According to a recent survey, about 7.2 million Americans (4.4 million men & 2.8 million women) have hidden bank account or credit card account from their spouse or partner.

So, if you want to build a long-term healthy relationship, you need to selectively omit some common financial secrets from your spouse. Here are 11 amazing money secrets couples hide from each other:

(1) Little Purchases

It is one of the most common money secrets couples hide from each other. Couples may try to hide financial secrets related to some little purchases. These are usually done in lazy hours for just time-pass.

Some of the them include purchasing porn magazines, wasting money on gossips, religious books, as well as money spent on subscription to incoming mails, or credit cards, etc.

These little purchases are never costly spending but couples don’t want to share them with their live-in partner or spouse to avoid any conflict on such very personal issues.

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