12 Wonderful Ways To Make Money From Old Car

Ways To Make Money From Old Car. Woman showing money after earning through old car.

(2) Sell The Rest Of Junk Car Body For Scrap Metal

It is one of the most common methods to earn money from non-working junk car. Every automobile has some lifespan after which it is likely to become junk. If your car is not in a good working condition then perhaps it’s the right time to junk it.

According to a post published in The Balance, every year, more than 14 million tons of recycled steel is derived from junk vehicles.

On an average, a car has around 25 percent of body made from recycled steel. But, the amount of money you can receive when selling your junk car will depend on the company you choose & the specifics of your car.

Some companies advertise a flat fee such as $500 for any car. Therefore, you can think of getting at least $500 as a fair minimum price. These companies may also offer free pick up service to carry your car.

But, you are likely to get make more money if you drive it to them. Thus, car owners are advised to act smartly when dealing with such companies.

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(3) Sell Your Old & Working Car To A Used Car Dealer

It is one of the most popular ways to make money from old car. Used car industry is growing consistently since past few years. Currently, the industry is showing no signs of slowing down due to growing consumer appetite for used vehicles.

According to a post published in Auto Express, used car sales in the UK have reached a record high level in the first half of 2016.

The 8% rise in sales is also the first time used sales have gone past 4 million in the first half of any year on record. Therefore, you should never hesitate to contact multiple used car dealers in your area.

It is perhaps necessary to get the best possible price for your used vehicle from them. However, your car must be in working order (at least be drivable).

Although, you are likely to receive significantly less than if you sold your car to a private party. But, the entire process of sell out will be much faster at used car dealers than at private party.

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2 Comments on 12 Wonderful Ways To Make Money From Old Car

  1. Jacquelyn L Smith // October 31, 2017 at 2:39 PM // Reply

    Nice! These ideas really works to use old car for pick and drop and we can use it on for small business to carry items from one to another place with cheap rates.

  2. Selling your junk car sounds like a wonderful idea. My parents have this old vehicle that’s been there for years. If I lived near them, I’d try to take that advice to remove the pieces one by one and take photos of them before posting it online. However, they’ll probably end up just selling the entire vehicle.

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