15 Surprising Ways To Earn Bitcoins Quickly And Safely

Surprising Ways To Earn Bitcoins Quickly And Safely Happy woman looking to earn Bitcoins in her Bitcoin wallet.

(4) Earn Interest Payments In Form Of Bitcoins (BTC) Through Bitcoin Lending

It is one of the most popular methods to earn free Bitcoins fast. Bitcoin lending is a practice of lending Bitcoins to borrowers at an adequate interest rate. This practice is starting to gain momentum with time.

According to a post published in The Motley Fool, Bitcoin loans are about to become the next big thing with investors in the digital currency.

It is due to the reason that Bitcoin lending provides a tax-friendly exit strategy to wealthy Bitcoiners. Simultaneously, you can also earn handsome interest in form of Bitcoins from borrowers.

You can easily earn 12% to 20% interest annually for lending Bitcoins. You just need to invest or deposit your Bitcoins in an online Bitcoin bank.

You can also go for registering & depositing Bitcoins in peer-to-peer lending website, or even by lending Bitcoins directly to someone. Some of the most popular Bitcoin lending websites include Bitbond, BitLendingClub, BTCJam, Loanbase & many more.

However, you should always use the services of more than one site to prevent losing of Bitcoin in case security is breached by hackers on any site.

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(5) Earn Bitcoins By Encouraging People To Give Bitcoin Tips

It is one of the most revolutionary methods to earn free Bitcoins fast. Tipping is a common practice of providing a sum of money or Bitcoin customarily given by a client or customer to a service worker.

It is often voluntary in nature & provided in addition to the basic price of your services. However, you need to provide extraordinary services to all types of clients which in turn can motivate them to give you some valuable tips.

You just need a Bitcoin wallet, a QR-code with your Bitcoin address on it & the clients who can potentially give you a Bitcoin tip to be aware of it. Generally, there are various places where you can receive Bitcoin tips.

Some of the best places to get Bitcoin tips include commercial shop or restaurant, blog or website, as well as third-party websites such as Bitfortip to help people for their tasks.

You can also encourage people to tip with Bitcoins by taking the help of a website such as BCTip that allows you to print redeemable Bitcoin tips.

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