15 Surprising Ways To Earn Bitcoins Quickly And Safely

Surprising Ways To Earn Bitcoins Quickly And Safely Happy woman looking to earn Bitcoins in her Bitcoin wallet.

(12) Get Paid In Bitcoins To Write About Bitcoin In Blogs & News Sites

It is one of the most interesting ways to earn Bitcoins free of cost. Bitcoin is a digital currency which is growing beyond expectations. Its continuously growing popularity is drawing the attention of the crowd.

More & more people are interested to know everything about Bitcoin is an easy to understand language. This interest is perhaps responsible for increasing the demand of Bitcoin writers for websites, blogs & even news sites.

Anyone who has time, knowledge & the ability to write in the required language can take the advantage of this ever growing opportunity. Bitcoin writers can easily earn a handsome salary in Bitcoins at various sites.

Some of the most legitimate sites to earn Bitcoins for writing educational blogs include Coinality, BitcoinTalk’s signature campaigns to advertise a Bitcoin product & many more.

You just need to get registered with these sites & submit your work prior to approval. Once you are approved for the post of writer, you can start posting Bitcoin posts to earn Bitcoins.

However, your earnings will largely depend on your writing experience, control of English language, & expertise.

(13) Earn Bitcoins By Joining Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

It is one of the most interesting ways to earn Bitcoins free of cost. Idea of affiliate program is not a new thing in online businesses. It does exist for various types of products & services that are directly or indirectly linked to Bitcoins.

One can easily & quickly join Bitcoin affiliate programs of their own choice. However, you are advised to consider only the right & legitimate affiliate programs of reputed sites.

Generally, Bitcoin affiliate programs will pay you in Bitcoins if you send them paying customers else it will not work.

Some of the highly popular Bitcoin affiliate programs include CoinBase affiliate program, LocalBitcoins affiliate program, CoinMama affiliate program, VirWox affiliate program, Bitbond affiliate program, CEX.io affiliate program & many more.

You just need to signup for these services’ affiliate program & submit your Bitcoin address. The service provider will give you a unique referral URL that points to their site.

You can post the URL link at your website, social media account or anything else that attracts users. However, Bitcoin affiliate links that you are placing in your webpage must be valuable to your users.

Simultaneously, you should not put excess links in a given blog post else it can do more harm than benefits. This precaution will not only protect your own reputation in front of your user base but will also guarantee for the timely payments.

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