7 Horrible Ways Bad Parents Make Money From Newly Born Baby

Horrible Ways Bad Parents Make Money From Newly Born Baby. Infant crying on a bed after undergoing drug trial.

Every person is busy to make money by some efforts. But, these horrible ways bad parents make money from newly born baby will shock you.

Most of the people are utilizing decent ways to earn cash. But, some persons are always different in this world. These people keep on trying ways that are totally different from popular methods to make money.

These methods are quite hard to believe in the society. But, they do exist in our society only. These bad persons never miss out a single opportunity in their life to make money quickly.

There are several ways you can earn few thousand dollars even from your newly born baby. Here are 7 horrible ways bad parents make money from newly born baby without breaking laws:

(1) Get Paid For Formula Feeding

It is one of the worst & horrible ways bad parents make money from newly born baby. Breastfeeding is the wonderful experiences for both mother & newly born baby.

Breastfeeding provides ideal nourishment to the newborn baby. It tends to strengthen the immune system of baby & enhances special bonding between the baby & mother.

Commercial infant formula is often considered as a good nutritious alternative to breast milk. It is particularly true in situation when mother is unable to breastfeed her baby.

This happens only when mother is suffering from some serious medical conditions. Sometimes working moms also use them as an alternative for limited amount of time.

But, some selfish & bad parents start formula feeding to their babies. It is not done to gain convenience & flexibility in baby feeding schedule.

But, it is performed to earn more money from commercial organizations. These organizations are often willing to test their commercial infant formula on babies.

This bad practice results in serious formula feeding challenges in infants. Some of the serious challenges include lack of antibodies, possibility of gas & constipation & nutritional deficiency. It can adversely affect the overall growth of the baby.

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