10 Best Investment Options For A Stronger Retirement

Best retirement investment options for senior citizen. Retired couple consulting with a financial advisor.

(d) Hybrid Funds

It is mutual fund that invests in both bonds & stocks or in convertible securities. It can be further divided into balanced funds, asset allocation funds, target date funds & lifestyle funds.

(9) Stocks or Equities

It is one of the highly volatile & yet best retirement investment options that represent the ownership in the stock issuing corporation. It is usually representing the residual assets of a company left after the discharge of secured & unsecured debts.

Some of the benefits of stock investment include capital appreciation that often outperforms other investments, dividend payments, diversity, liquidity, & voting rights. However, the presence of excess volatility can wipe out your entire investment value.

You just need to open a demat & trading account at the most popular & honest equity broker to start trading stocks online. You can also buy shares of a company through dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP).

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Some of the reasons for which a company issues stocks include paying off debt, launching new products & services, expanding into new markets, & building new facilities. Stocks can be classified through number of ways like:

On the basis of Shareholding rights:

(a) Common Stocks

These stocks provide shareholders the right to vote at its shareholder meetings & to receive dividends.

(b) Preferred Stocks

These stocks don’t provide voting rights, although, they can receive dividends before common stockholders & have priority over common stockholders (in case of bankruptcy).

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