10 Best Investment Options For A Stronger Retirement

Best retirement investment options for senior citizen. Retired couple consulting with a financial advisor.

On the basis of market capitalization:
(a) Mega Cap: $200 billion +
(b) Large Cap: $10 billion to $200 billion
(c) Mid Cap: $2 billion to $10 billion
(d) Small Cap: $300 million to $2 billion
(e) Micro Cap: $50 million to $300 million
(f) Nano Cap: Less than $50 million

On the basis of performance characteristics:
(a) Growth Stocks: Stocks with earnings that grow at a much faster rate than market average.
(b) Income Stocks: Stocks that pays consistent dividends.
(c) Value Stocks: Stocks with low price-to-earnings (PE) ratio.
(d) Blue-Chip Stocks: Stocks of large, well-known, & well-established companies with solid growth stories. These stocks usually pay dividends regularly.

Taxes on Stocks:

Your stock investment can attract taxes, firstly, if it pays a dividend (tax rate of 15% at the end of year) & secondly, if you sell the stocks then you have to pay a capital gains tax which in turn can be short-term capital gains (for less than a year) or even long-term capital gains (for more than a year).

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