Top 10 Secrets Retirees Will Never Tell You

Secrets Retirees Will Never Tell You. Retiree riding a bicycle.

(6) Couples Don’t Enjoy 24/7 Intensive Time Together

It is one of the most social secrets retirees will never tell you. People often gets excited about retirement in a hope to spend more time relaxing & traveling with their spouse. But, the actual situation is entirely different.

Retirees hardly stand the person they have been married to for last 30 years. Several couples start suffering from “Retired Husband Syndrome”.

This is a condition in which a woman starts showing signs of physical illness & depression. It is because their hubby reaches or approaches retirement or quits a job.

This sudden change in the lifestyle of a newly retired person results in conflicts between the couples more frequently.

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(7) Living Longer Than Expectations

It is one of the most wonderful secrets retirees will never tell you. When a person starts retirement planning, he/she consider his/her average lifespan around 80 years.

But, this average is often misleading as lifespan can’t be predicted with certainty. Unfortunately, some individuals die even earlier in childhood, or adulthood, or even before reaching retirement.

According to a study, there are 41% chance that at least one member of a 65-year old couple will life up to 90 years of age.

If you have managed to reach 65 years without suffering from a terminal illness, you will probably live a longer life i.e. beyond 80 years.

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