10 Physical Characteristics Of An Ideal Looking Breast

Physical Characteristics Of An Ideal Looking Breast Beautiful women displaying ideal looking breast.

Every breast is not equally attractive in appearance. These physical characteristics of an ideal looking breast can attract men quickly.

Every woman is naturally blessed with a pair of breasts. They are perhaps the uniquely attractive assets on women’s body. It is necessary to attract men for mating purpose.

Additionally, their presence can also boost the confidence of women. It is the reason why women love to display them on different occasions.

But, every breast is not equally attractive in nature. These beautiful assets are known to have varying degree of attractiveness depending on its physical traits.

Some of them are highly attractive while others need some special care. It is something necessary to gather attention of the crowd. Several women even don’t hesitate to under go plastic surgery or breast augmentations to get desired looks.

But, what are those qualities that make a woman’s breast a perfect one? Here are 10 physical traits or qualities of a perfectly looking breast to attract men:

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(1) Ideal Breast Size

It is one of the most significant physical characteristics of an ideal looking breast. Men & women are often fascinated by attractive breasts. It is because they are often considered as the sign of feminism.

Additionally, they are also a good indication of youthfulness & fertility among humans. However, breast size is not constant among all women. It varies from one woman to another depending on woman’s body type, genetic makeup & weight.

Similarly, men’s preference can also vary when it comes to breast size. Some men prefer bigger breasts while others prefer for smaller to medium sized breasts. But, what is an ideal bust size?

According to a recent survey conducted by Dr Ed, more than 60 percent of men & almost 54 percent of women favored the medium sized cup. However, there are still 31 percent of women & 5 percent of men who liked bigger breasts.

Small breast don’t provide visual appeal for fertility among humans. Similarly, too large breast appears to be crowded on the chest & indicates obesity instead of fertility.

Therefore, it is understood that a medium-sized breast i.e. C cup should be ideal bust size. Thus, women should try to achieve size close to C cup to boost attractiveness & sex appeal.

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