14 Easy Ways To Remove Unwanted Facial Hairs In Females

Easy Ways To Remove Unwanted Facial Hairs In Females Pretty girl undergoing eyebrow plucking session in a saloon.

(11) Electrolysis

It is one of the most effective ways to remove unwanted facial hairs in females. Electrolysis is permanent cosmetic hair removal method that is approved by FDA.

It involves insertion of a very small & sterilized needle inside each hair follicle to give an electric shock.

This process eventually cut the supply of blood and oxygen to hairs resulting in destruction of roots of hair. Electrolysis often requires several sessions to get end results.

Electrolysis can be performed safely & effectively even in women with white or blond hairs that can’t get laser and IPL treatments.

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(12) Prescription Creams

It is one of the popular ways to remove unwanted female facial hairs. Prescription creams are quite similar to depilatories for removing excessive or unwanted facial hairs.

It acts by slowing down the growth of unwanted hairs. It also acts by making them finer and softer. Prescription creams are often used along with laser or shaving treatment for better results.

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