10 Amazing Bedroom Secrets To Accelerate Weight Loss

Bedroom Secrets To Accelerate Weight Loss. Beautiful woman holding chain in her mouth.

(2) Sleep In A Cold Room

It is one of the most simple bedroom tricks to trim extra pounds or kilos quickly. We all know that a little bit cold room is good for a sound sleep.

But, the average indoor temperature has ticked upward during past few decades. Most of us prefer to keep our thermostat steady throughout the home.

This prevents our body from experiencing temperature fluctuations. It also prevents our body from stoke its own calorie-burning furnace.

According to a study, sleeping in a chilly room can also significantly improve your metabolism. Therefore, you are likely to burn more calories by keeping your body on warmer side.

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(3) Increase Sexual Encounters

It is one of the most shocking bedroom secrets to accelerate weight loss. Sexual intercourse not only increases intimacy with your partner but it is also helpful to trim weight quickly.

An average session of sexual encounters can easily burn around 150-250 calories per half hour. Your ability to burn calories is usually dependent on how athletic your positions could be during this pleasurable activity.

Once you get involved in this wonderful activity, your heart rate & respiration increases to burn more calories & fats. It is a very good workout that you can easily perform in your bedroom without any equipment.

You can practice different positions to engage different muscle groups. It can be both cardio & tonic exercise for you.

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