14 Women-Friendly Exercises To Get Bigger And Perkier Boobs

Exercises To Get Bigger And Perkier Boobs Beautiful woman performing wide push ups to get bigger and perkier breasts at home.

(2) Breast Massage Therapy To Stimulate Growth

It is one of the most surprising & women-friendly exercises to get bigger and perkier boobs naturally at home without equipments. Several women have claimed that regular breast massage has provided larger, firmer & toner breasts.

This method usually works by stimulating underlying tissues, lymph circulation, increasing blood flow & improving circulation in the chest area.

This pleasurable therapy boosts the flow of hormones such as oestrogen towards breast receptors. This stimulates their growth. The increased circulation tends to bring more oxygen & nutrients to underlying cells.

Additionally, it also promotes overall breast health. You can get optimum & noticeable results by regular massaging twice daily (morning & evening) for at least 30 days. There are several message techniques but the most popular is discussed below:

Breast Massage Therapy to get bigger breasts

Woman performing breast massage to get bigger breasts.

(a) Apply some natural massage oil or breast enlargement cream on your breast. It will help you to reduce friction while massaging them.

(b) Start messaging from center of your breasts using firm pressure of your palms. Follow the contours of breasts from inwards to outwards.

(c) Ensure movement of hands from outside of your body towards middle in circular motion, like you are trying to create cleavage. It means your right hand will be moving clockwise while left hand moves counter-clockwise.

Repeat it for about 20 times. Remember to be gentle, yet firm. Reduce pressure, if you notice any signs of soreness.

(d) Use alternate hand movements to sweep from underarm area upwards & inwards towards front. Repeat it for about 20 times.

(e) Lift them upwards with firm support using both hands. Repeat it for other side for about 20 times as well.

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