14 Women-Friendly Exercises To Get Bigger And Perkier Boobs

Exercises To Get Bigger And Perkier Boobs Beautiful woman performing wide push ups to get bigger and perkier breasts at home.

(4) Wall Push Ups To Boost Stamina Of Pectoralis Muscles

It is one of the easiest & women-friendly exercises to get bigger and perkier boobs without surgery. Wall push ups, also known as wall press, is another variations of traditional pushups. It utilizes your on body weight as resistance to improve stamina.

This can be performed nearly anywhere & without additional equipment. Women can start performing wall pushups before eventually getting horizontal for wide pushups.

Wall pushups are also a good choice for those women who want to increase breast size but have back problem. It is because this exercise doesn’t put stress on the spine.

The workout steps in this exercise are quite similar to wide pushups except floor is replaced with wall. Here is the step-by-step process or instructions for wall push-ups:

Wall Push Ups To Boost Stamina Of Breast Muscles

Woman performing wall push ups to boost stamina of breast muscles.

(a) Stand about 1.5 to 2 feet away from the bare wall, facing it.

(b) Lift your arms to shoulder levels. Keep your palms pressed against the wall at chest level & your arms straight. You should keep both of your hand on the wall slightly wider than your shoulder-width & your feet together. It will help you to strengthen pectoralis muscles of chest more instead of shoulders & triceps.

(c) Inhale & lean in towards the wall until your elbows are bent while keeping your both legs pretty much where they were.

(d) Slowly push your body to straighten out again using arms & biceps. You should exhale while pushing your body away from the wall.

(e) You should repeat these moves 5 to 10 times. As you progress, you can gradually increase the workout up to 20 or more wall pushups. Breathing properly during wall pushups can accelerate positive results.

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