14 Women-Friendly Exercises To Get Bigger And Perkier Boobs

Exercises To Get Bigger And Perkier Boobs Beautiful woman performing wide push ups to get bigger and perkier breasts at home.

(8) The Waist Twist Workout To Increase Side Muscles

It is one of the most popular & women-friendly exercises to get bigger and perkier boobs naturally at home. Waist twist exercise involves turning the torso to either side. One should perform this exercise with extreme caution.

According to a post published in Live Strong, twisting while lifting strongly increases the risk of damaging a lumbar disc.

Since this exercise works on side muscles of breast resulting in the breast looking fuller & more pronounced cleavage. Several gyms now have machines that create resistance to trunk rotation.

However, you should perform on such machines only under the supervision of a qualified trainer. Here is the step-by-step process or instructions for the waist twist workout:

Waist Twist Workout To Increase Side Muscles Of Breasts.

Woman performing waist twist workout to increase side muscles of breasts.

(a) Sit in a chair or on the floor with spine in the straight position.

(b) Inhale & turn your torso to the right as far as body will go.

(c) Hold for few seconds & then exhale while turning your torso back to the center (starting position).

(d) Inhale quickly & then turn on the opposite direction.

(e) Exhale & return back to the starting position. It represents one rep. You can increase its difficulty by holding light weight dumbbells (2-5 pounds) in each hand.

(f) Repeat it for 10-15 minutes.

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