15 Gym Exercises To Get Bigger Boobs Without Surgery

Gym Exercises To Get Bigger Boobs Without Surgery. Woman feeling proud to perform gym exercises to get bigger boobs.

Several women are unsatisfied with their breast size. These gym exercises to get bigger boobs without surgery can solve your problem.

Bigger breast is a beautiful asset to women’s body. They are often linked to women’s fertility & beauty. But, every woman is not lucky enough to have those bigger & toned assets.

According to a post published in Science Daily, breast augmentation is among the top 5 cosmetic surgical and minimal invasive procedures performed in US.

However, breast augmentation is extremely costly & is associated with many health risks. Several women who had undergone breast augmentation surgery have later regretted for this.

Recently, Victoria Beckham, a well-known celebrity, admitted that she regrets breast implants. Therefore, women are advised to adopt only the natural & healthy ways to lift breast. Here are 15 gym workouts to increase breast size without surgery:

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(1) Dumbbell Squeeze Press To Strengthen Pectoralis Muscles

It is one of the most wonderful gym exercises to get bigger boobs without surgery. Dumbbell squeeze press is the combination of dumbbell press exercise along with squeezing throughout.

The constant squeezing tends to boost the effectiveness of building pectoralis muscles. It is due to continuous engagement of these muscles for the entire time.

Here is the step-by-step process or instructions for dumbbell squeeze press:

Dumbbell Squeeze Press To Strengthen Pectoralis Muscles.

Woman performing dumbbell squeeze press to strengthen pectoralis muscles.

(a) Get a pair of mid-weight dumbbells (or barbells) along with a weight bench.

(b) Lie on the bench on your back with dumbbells in air over the chest & your arms in a straight position. Your palms should be in a position that they face the wall in front of you. In this position, dumbbells will be end to end.

(c) Inhale as you lower down dumbbells to your chest by bending your elbows. It should form a right angle in such situation. Your upper arms will be parallel to the ground & your elbows will be at the same level as your shoulders. Dumbbells should not touch your chest.

(d) Contract your chest muscles. Exhale & push the dumbbells back up to the starting position i.e. fully extended arms.

(e) Repeat the entire steps 12 to 15 times for better results.

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