15 Gym Exercises To Get Bigger Boobs Without Surgery

Gym Exercises To Get Bigger Boobs Without Surgery. Woman feeling proud to perform gym exercises to get bigger boobs.

(15) Around The Worlds To Lift Your Breasts

It is one of the lesser known gym exercises to get bigger boobs without surgery. Around the worlds is a weight training exercise that targets your pectoralis muscles of your breasts.

This workout is more comparable to chest flyes that requires more focus on technique instead of weight. Therefore, you don’t have to go heavy like in chest press exercises.

In this exercise, you need to move the dumbbells in a semi-circle form while displacing them from initial position.

Here is the step-by-step process or instructions for around the worlds exercise:

Around The Worlds To Lift Your Breasts.

Woman performing around the worlds exercise to lift her breasts.

(a) Grab a dumbbell in each hand. Hold them at your sides. Your palms must be facing forward.

(b) Stand with your feet hips-distance apart.

(c) Keep your elbows slightly in a bent position. Now open your arms to the sides & raise them up over the head while inhaling.

(d) Open your arms out to the sides to bring the dumbbells back to starting position while exhaling.

(e) It completes one rep.

(f) Repeat recommended sets of reps.

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